Hole-y and Memorable Business Cards

This unique business card for Tee to Table is both hole-y and memorable.  Printed on both sides using PaperFuse + ColorFuse technology – two sheets of orange paper sandwiched between two white sheets of paper; resulting in a very thick card.  What makes this card even more memorable is a ball marker die-cut into the card itself – reinforcing Tee to Table’s passion for Golf, Food and Travel.

Unique_Business Card

Unique_ Business Card

Thick business cards

die cut_business card

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Brown Bag Marketing – Halloween Edition

The sticker on this month’s brown bag says: “Wishing you a day of shivers, scares, and thrills, Pumpkin grins in windowsills, Bats flapping in the full moon’s glow – and a spooky Halloween hello! ”

The fourth and final in our Brown Bag Marketing series, Halloween Edition, landed on desks of friends of UB across the country. The bag was filled with a little sweet thank you for working with our nearly 70 year-old, 3rd generation business.  In addition to a small collection of dentist-dreaded sweets and custom die-cut tombstone cards saying goodbye to a few commonly accepted printing company characteristics, this year’s bag included one glow stick bracelet; sure to be all the rage at ones next outing.

The four seasonal marketing bags were distributed this past year for Valentine’s Day, Opening Day, Independence Day and Halloween.  Plans are already in the works for next years series and how to make each bag to the next level.

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

photo 6


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A Greats Gift

Looking for a creative, fun and memorable gift for a boss who has everything, a new client to whom you want to send a unique thank you or maybe you’re looking to spruce up your own space; The Greats Gift is not only the gift for you, it’s a great gift!

Modern Pic

The Modern Greats poster features many familiar names yet all recognizable companies which have changed the way we live our lives today.

Modern Animation

Classic Pic

The Classic Greats poster is a collection of original titans of industry, geniuses, innovators and even an author (Samuel Clemens is better known by his pen name), each of whom have impacted us decades and centuries later.

Classic Animation

Each poster contains 10 world changers who have left their own mark. All that’s needed is the business card of Your Great to complete the poster.

The Greats Gift Poster can be taped, tacked or framed (it was designed to fit a specific frame available in retail outlets). The poster can also be printed on repositionable sticker which will allow the recipient to stick it to most surfaces and relocate it when needed.

All we need is quality photo, quality scan or PDF file of Your Great’s business card.

Order the Greats Gift today!

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Product and Service Highlights

We get so focused doing what we do every day that we often forget to stop and point out some of our favorite product and service highlights:

  • Our nearly 70-year old family printing company places a high value on talking with our vendors and have heard you do too. That’s why when you call Utley Brothers Printing real people answer the phone during business hours, and not a phone system.
  • Sourcing any of your printing locally is a conscious choice. For those of you for whom we are in your “backyard”, we are proud to offer free local delivery on approved metro-Detroit area routes; which is reflected as a delivery option online. We continue to make will call/pick-up an option for those who find it convenient, in addition to standard UPS shipping.
  • Speaking of online ordering, we are proud of our websites and the conveniences each offers our client base.   Our sites offer our customers 24-hour pricing and ordering and helpful information.
  • We continue to grow full color capabilities in both the offset and digital world, while offering coating options to perfectly finish a project. Short-run extended length prints up to 36” inches fit difficult customer needs; along with plastic cards, magnets, full color envelopes and prints on unique substrates.
  • We are really excited about our PaperFuse line which features double, triple and quadruple thick printing.  PaperFuse is an answer to “Do you have anything thicker.”  Additionally the ColorFuse option allows color to be inserted (sandwiched) for a unique finished product. More
  • Foil, Embossing and letterpress services from Utley Brothers Printing are a perfect fit when a design calls for an element of a layout to set the printed piece apart from others. Design with either foil, embossing or ink letterpress printed as a tool of the overall layout communicates intentionality and class and takes any printed project to the next level.
  • We are very proud of our raised printing quality, tradition and capacity. After decades of using a semi-dull powder, we are excited to announce that all raised printing will now be produced with gloss powder. We are also proud of our fast turns on thermography; which typically run 1,2 and 3 days.
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Popping Good Labels

Custom labels produced for The Popped Kernel,  a Michigan based specialty food company, looked great as they were printed on a white permanent label stock and stacked for delivery.  But the labels looked even better once applied to the clear bags which contained popped goodness inside.  The Popped Kernel can be purchased at local farmers markets around southeast Michigan and select boutique gift shops in the region.

Popping6 Popping1 photo 1 photo 3

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Tasty Gift Cards

While not nearly as tasty the frozen custard itself, gift cards produced recently for local favorite Erma’s are a tasty gift idea! The Erma’s gift card project included not only the card itself but a fun and great-looking card holder which can be personalized for the lucky recipients.  As with everything Erma’s does, the gift card project maintained strong branding consistency.

photo 4

photo 1 photo 3


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Happy Birthday Printer Hal!

It’s not every day one can say they know of an 87-year old printer.

On June 13 Harold (Hal) Schrade celebrated his 87th birthday by doing what he has been doing since 1941…printing!  We have had the privilege of knowing a lot of great printers in our area through the years and Hal is not only one of them but an absolute gem. With the help of his assistant, Ka-Ching (pictured below), he has been serving the Eastpointe, Michigan community since the 60’s when he opened Express Printers. Hal can operate all the machinery in his shop and is most proud of his original Kluge press which he bought new in 1965 from Germany.   On a recent visit to his shop, the Kluge was inked up and in action.

When she isn’t working at a local church, Hal’s wife Arlene, whom he’s been married to since beginning Express Printers, takes care of typesetting duties.

Hal has seen it all. Been through plenty of ups and downs. He has a quick wit and laugh. Hal loves going into the shop – crediting his health with working a little every day.

It is an absolute pleasure to know and wish Hal a Happy 87th Birthday!

photo 3

photo 1

photo 5


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PaperFuse Reunion Invitation

The latest PaperFuse project is 8 sheets thick! It actually measures more than 1/8 inch in thickness.  This amazing project is the culmination of two outside sheets of white Accent Opaque in addition to six insert sheets; 2 green, 2 white and 2 yellow.  French Paper Company’s Gumdrop Green and Lemon Drop insert sheets fit the school’s green and gold colors perfectly. The gold foil, black ink letterpress print and rounded corners combined with the incredible thickness make this special reunion invitation something that will definitely catch the attention of each recipient as they commemorate their special milestone.


thick_paper thick_paper




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PaperFuse + Colorfuse = An Unforgettable Piece

PaperFuse, our new product, is generating a lot of excitement for people wanting to create unforgettable piece.  It is the Mother of Printed Thickness, accomplished with multiple pasted sheets.  Pieces can be printed in full color or as shown below, can be printed letterpress. As if the matching white core sheets aren’t cool enough, PaperFuse can be infused with a splash of color.  Orange color inserts are included in the pieces below with a choice of just how much color is needed.


Mother of Printed Thickness


Choose from multiple color inserts


3 , 2 and 1 Color inserts


3 Color Inserts

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69 Years of Brotherly Love

We are really proud as a family business to celebrate our love for the printed image and our UBBrotherscompany’s 69th birthday today! Utley Brothers Printing was formally incorporated in Detroit, Michigan in 1945 by Wheeler and Bob Utley upon Bob’s return from duty as a Marine, in the Pacific during WWII. Older brother Wheeler (Gus) had informally established a printing company in the 1930’s in Oklahoma after selling his clarinet to purchase a table-top printing press.  After moving to Detroit, Michigan the young company survived the end of the Great Depression, a World War, and a couple different investors (at one time the company was called Utley Taylor Press) until incorporating as Utley Brothers, Inc. on March 18, 1945.

In 1950, the brothers began specializing in business cards; catering specifically to Super10automotive dealerships across the country. The two brothers ran the company together for nearly 30 years.  In 1973, older brother Wheeler, retired from printing to devote more time to preaching (he had a lot of practice praying while running the small printing company). Bob successfully ran and grew the business for another 30 years, until his retirement in 2004. At which time, Duane Harrison, grew the business to new heights, leading the company as it transitioned into digital printing. Even though business cards remained an important component to it niche, the company began to “grow beyond the cards” as both the economy and technology allowed. Andy and Ashley Harrison began running the third-generation family printing company after Duane  retired in 2012. (Duane married the daughter of Bob Utley, accounting for the different last name). For the first time in 40 years, Utley Brothers Printing is being run by brothers again.

The core values for the family company today remain the same as they did when Wheeler and Bob began the company, while the product offering has grown to serve the diverse needs of the client base to include a complete line of corporate identity materials, marketing collateral and marketing services. And while the original company consisted of only Wheeler and Bob, today the newest Utley Brothers are surrounded by a team of professionals ready and capable of taking care of customers’ needs.

Stop in and see us the next time you’re in our area, we’re really proud of our heritage and would love to share it with you on a tour of our facility.

Sincerely, “The Utley Brothers” Andy and Ashley

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