Humor and Cousin Chuck

I am not a funny person (I’m the one not smiling). Oh sure, I have my moments but I really am not funny.  But I recognize the importance of humor.  That’s why spending some time with my cousin Chuck (on the left) is good for me.  I don’t get to see him a lot but when I do my stomach hurts from laughing so much.  Chuck is flat-out funny.  He and I could tell the same story and you’d hear crickets after I’m done but your side would be hurting after Chuck said the same thing.

It seems everyone is so serious.  I don’t blame them.  There is so much drama in the news.  In fact I think the goal of the news industry is to keep the drama (whatever the story) at as high a pitch as possible.  That’s why spending time with someone like Chuck gives me a little perspective.  It is helpful many times to be able to laugh at yourself, your surroundings and circumstances.  I’m not suggesting to minimize or marginalize truly serious stuff.  That’s not my point. 

I think humor is a valuable trait to possess. It makes your family and business life enjoyable for you, your family, your fellow team members and your clients.   Thank you for reminding me of that, Chuck.


About marathondrew

I am a runner (still trying to to qualify for the Boston Marathon) and I work at Utley Brothers Printing, my family's 3rd generation printing company.
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