UB’s Flag

UBs FlagI was looking at a picture of a company’s shop area last fall (sounds fun no?) and saw something I have seen many times in similar settings…a flag of the United States of America.  Displaying our country’s flag is part patriotic and part “Made in the USA”.  But to be honest I was a little embarrassed we didn’t have one in our facility. 

At the core of our company’s story is the fact that we became Utley Brothers Printing in 1945 when younger brother, Bob Utley, returned from WWII to join his older brother, Wheeler.  Like many who fought in war, Bob, my grandfather,  rarely spoke of the war.  But he did have a flag pole at his home which he proudly flew Ol’ Glory above his Marine flag.  However, we never had a flag at our building in all the years since.

After seeing the photo, I went to a local flag company Rocket Enterprise and bought a $40 flag.  The people there were very helpful in helping me select a perfect sized flag.  Within a few days we had it hanging from our rafters in our production area.  The flag is positioned in the back of our 24,000 square foot facility.  When you go from our pre-press area to our production area it’s the first thing you see way back in the plant.  I have to admit, it looks awesome up there.

After hanging the flag, I took a picture and tweeted at @utleybros that “just posted a pic of the latest addition to our facility” and then linked it to the UB Facebook page where I shared the picture above and the caption “The best $40 purchase in company history is now hanging from our rafters for all to see…” 

But this is where the story gets fun.  As anyone will tell you, and unlike my brother-in-law DaveVanz.com,  I am no social media king. The only reason I have a personal facebook account was so I could set up our little UB Page – otherwise I am “off the grid”.  After the tweet and posting the picture I received a call from Katherine O’Brien (@AMPRINTMAG) the editor at American Printer magazine.  She liked my tweet and Facebook post about “the best $40 purchase in company history” and asked me a bunch of questions about various pictures we had in our Facebook photo albums.  Katherine asked if I could provide her with some more photos and she did a little featurette of the flag and our company – which was really nice.  You check us out in the online January edition of American Printer the online digital edition of the magazine. You can link to us from our cover mention or got to page 36.

I share the story because I am still one of the folks that doesn’t entirely “get it” when it comes to social media.  I know that makes me rather naive in many circles.  I think some people dedicate too much time to social media when it should be just another tool for communicating your message.  Of course I didn’t think much would become of Google either 🙂 But in this story, on this day, it was neat to see how we got to share “the best $40 purchase in company history…” with so many people.

About marathondrew

I am a runner (still trying to to qualify for the Boston Marathon) and I work at Utley Brothers Printing, my family's 3rd generation printing company.
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