Opening Day

Ah yes. The unofficial beginning to spring. The home opener for us folks in Michigan.  It’s also time for our annual Opening Day Kit handout.  As always, we attempt to combine our marketing and printing specialty to the calendar with some sort of seasonal piece.  This year is better than ever. 

As always, the kit includes peanuts and Cracker Jack (by the way, after extensive research the spelling is correct – “Jack” no “s” on the end). And a marvelous printed postcard (not pictured) was produced on our new digital press. But the coolest element is a baseball card of our new digital press. The back side of the card even includes stats for the press’ capabilities.

The postcard includes this marvelously written marketing grimble, “It’s that magical time each year, a rite of passage each spring, that leads one to dream of the summer to come-the season yet to be played, ball games under the lights, and hopes for a pennanant race come fall. All of us at Utley Brothers have been excited about our recent acquisition-the MGI DP60. With stunning color, short runs, extended format, and multiple substrates including paper, plastic, envelopes & laser-safe letterhead, not to mention variable data, the MGI DP60 has been a big hit with the fans.  while our “season” never really ends, you can count on Team Utley competing for your business by constantly improving and updating what and how we serve you. Here’s to another Great Season!”

But the best copy is this…

All together now…”Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack. I don’t care if I never get back! Cause it’s root, root, root for the home team. If they don’t win it’s a shame. For it’s 1-2-3 strikes you’re out. At the old ball game!”


About marathondrew

I am a runner (still trying to to qualify for the Boston Marathon) and I work at Utley Brothers Printing, my family's 3rd generation printing company.
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