Halloween Handout – Tombstones Included

This year’s UB Halloween trick-or-treat Handout sent out recently –  not only includes a nicely printed postcard and a “well balanced” collection of treats but also includes 4 unique cards with a custom die cut tombstone shape.  Each “tombstone” highlights a unique company benefit which we are proud to offer our clients:

RIPImpersonal Phone Systems   |  Real live people answer our phones during business hours, and are always happy to help

RIP – Being Treated Like a Number  |  Our Third-Generation Family Printing Company will treat you like family 

RIP – Lack of Coating Options  |  Choose between High-Gloss UV coating or our premium Soft Touch Coating (you can write on it) 

RIP – Digital Print Sheets Limited to 18″  |  We can print short run press sheets up to 47″ long! That’s nearly four feet of print goodness

Happy Halloween!
photo 4 photo 1 photo 2

About marathondrew

I am a runner (still trying to to qualify for the Boston Marathon) and I work at Utley Brothers Printing, my family's 3rd generation printing company.
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