PaperFuse + Colorfuse = An Unforgettable Piece

PaperFuse, our new product, is generating a lot of excitement for people wanting to create unforgettable piece.  It is the Mother of Printed Thickness, accomplished with multiple pasted sheets.  Pieces can be printed in full color or as shown below, can be printed letterpress. As if the matching white core sheets aren’t cool enough, PaperFuse can be infused with a splash of color.  Orange color inserts are included in the pieces below with a choice of just how much color is needed.


Mother of Printed Thickness


Choose from multiple color inserts


3 , 2 and 1 Color inserts


3 Color Inserts

About marathondrew

I am a runner (still trying to to qualify for the Boston Marathon) and I work at Utley Brothers Printing, my family's 3rd generation printing company.
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