PaperFuse Reunion Invitation

The latest PaperFuse project is 8 sheets thick! It actually measures more than 1/8 inch in thickness.  This amazing project is the culmination of two outside sheets of white Accent Opaque in addition to six insert sheets; 2 green, 2 white and 2 yellow.  French Paper Company’s Gumdrop Green and Lemon Drop insert sheets fit the school’s green and gold colors perfectly. The gold foil, black ink letterpress print and rounded corners combined with the incredible thickness make this special reunion invitation something that will definitely catch the attention of each recipient as they commemorate their special milestone.


thick_paper thick_paper




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PaperFuse + Colorfuse = An Unforgettable Piece

PaperFuse, our new product, is generating a lot of excitement for people wanting to create unforgettable piece.  It is the Mother of Printed Thickness, accomplished with multiple pasted sheets.  Pieces can be printed in full color or as shown below, can be printed letterpress. As if the matching white core sheets aren’t cool enough, PaperFuse can be infused with a splash of color.  Orange color inserts are included in the pieces below with a choice of just how much color is needed.


Mother of Printed Thickness


Choose from multiple color inserts


3 , 2 and 1 Color inserts


3 Color Inserts

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69 Years of Brotherly Love

We are really proud as a family business to celebrate our love for the printed image and our UBBrotherscompany’s 69th birthday today! Utley Brothers Printing was formally incorporated in Detroit, Michigan in 1945 by Wheeler and Bob Utley upon Bob’s return from duty as a Marine, in the Pacific during WWII. Older brother Wheeler (Gus) had informally established a printing company in the 1930’s in Oklahoma after selling his clarinet to purchase a table-top printing press.  After moving to Detroit, Michigan the young company survived the end of the Great Depression, a World War, and a couple different investors (at one time the company was called Utley Taylor Press) until incorporating as Utley Brothers, Inc. on March 18, 1945.

In 1950, the brothers began specializing in business cards; catering specifically to Super10automotive dealerships across the country. The two brothers ran the company together for nearly 30 years.  In 1973, older brother Wheeler, retired from printing to devote more time to preaching (he had a lot of practice praying while running the small printing company). Bob successfully ran and grew the business for another 30 years, until his retirement in 2004. At which time, Duane Harrison, grew the business to new heights, leading the company as it transitioned into digital printing. Even though business cards remained an important component to it niche, the company began to “grow beyond the cards” as both the economy and technology allowed. Andy and Ashley Harrison began running the third-generation family printing company after Duane  retired in 2012. (Duane married the daughter of Bob Utley, accounting for the different last name). For the first time in 40 years, Utley Brothers Printing is being run by brothers again.

The core values for the family company today remain the same as they did when Wheeler and Bob began the company, while the product offering has grown to serve the diverse needs of the client base to include a complete line of corporate identity materials, marketing collateral and marketing services. And while the original company consisted of only Wheeler and Bob, today the newest Utley Brothers are surrounded by a team of professionals ready and capable of taking care of customers’ needs.

Stop in and see us the next time you’re in our area, we’re really proud of our heritage and would love to share it with you on a tour of our facility.

Sincerely, “The Utley Brothers” Andy and Ashley

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Custom Wedding Hotel Key Cards

Wedding Check List: Ring…check, Date…check, Location…check, Photographer…check, Caterer…check, Flowers…check, Hotel…check, Custom Hotel Key Cards…huh?

Custom wedding hotel key cards are a special way for the guests of the big day to have a keepsake with them during their entire stay (they’ll need it every time they return to their hotel room) and to take home where they will be able to remember the big event for a long time with this one-of-a-kind hotel key card. Include a wedding photo on the front and perhaps the weekend schedule on the back. Simply give the hotel where you already negotiated your hotel block of rooms enough keys to hand out to the guests. Available in bundles of only 50 key cards, guests could enjoy a couple different versions.  Get more information here.

These custom wedding hotel key cards were part of a larger suite of printed posters for a very special destination wedding.

Custom Hotel Key Cards

Custom Hotel Key Cards

Custom Hotel Key Cards

Custom Hotel Key Cards

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So Thankful

A special greeting to express to you, our sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty in working with us. We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes for a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving.

The UB Thanksgiving card this year was letterpress printed on French Paper’s  Madero Beach Muscletone in PMS 1595 and mailed in a Kraft colored envelope for an awesome and thankful combination. The outside of the card was produced using decade’s old metal type and the inside was produced using a Boxcar photopolymer die.

photo d

photo 3-3

photo a

photo e


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Halloween Handout – Tombstones Included

This year’s UB Halloween trick-or-treat Handout sent out recently –  not only includes a nicely printed postcard and a “well balanced” collection of treats but also includes 4 unique cards with a custom die cut tombstone shape.  Each “tombstone” highlights a unique company benefit which we are proud to offer our clients:

RIPImpersonal Phone Systems   |  Real live people answer our phones during business hours, and are always happy to help

RIP – Being Treated Like a Number  |  Our Third-Generation Family Printing Company will treat you like family 

RIP – Lack of Coating Options  |  Choose between High-Gloss UV coating or our premium Soft Touch Coating (you can write on it) 

RIP – Digital Print Sheets Limited to 18″  |  We can print short run press sheets up to 47″ long! That’s nearly four feet of print goodness

Happy Halloween!
photo 4 photo 1 photo 2

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200 Plus Years of Family Business

People are often impressed when we tell them that our family printing company is nearly 70 years old and being run by the third generation.  So we know when to be impressed and were pleased to welcome Brian French, now the sixth-generation family member of the ever-cool French Paper Company to Utley Brother Printing.  French Paper was founded in 1871 in Niles, Michigan; 142 years ago.  It is actually the oldest family business in the state of Michigan; 17 years older than Ford Motor Company! Since 1922 all paper has been produced using hydroelectric power.  French Paper has a great story and it is being faithfully carried by Jerry French (5th generation) and now Brian French (6th generation).  French is one of the last small independent family-owned paper mills in the country.  We love having them as “neighbors” in our beloved Pure Michigan. We love their paper and are proud to feature it in our letterpress studio, Atlantic Press.

All samples hanging on the wall behind 6th generation – Brian French (left) and 3rd generation – Andy Harrison (right) were printed on French Paper.

Letterpress Studio LetterPressStudio

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